QA Tools for Spy Software

Software Testing Services/ KualitatemThe use of spy software is widely improved over the period of time. Now multinationals and large conglomerates around the globe use spy software apps in order to effectively monitor and screening out their employees activities.  Any user of spy software can purchase it from developers and then install it on a particular devices to ascertain desired spying information. Quality assurance & quality maintenance of spying apps is of huge impotence, as these related to the secret information of a specific personal or executive. Spying software needs to test out with the help of a software testing company in order to maintain desired amount of quality in results.  A software testing services firm use these below mentioned testing strategies in order to establish optimal level quality out of a spying software.

Features of Spying Software

A spy software deliver diverse range of spying benefits to all of their customers, whom want to have a proficient quality monitoring of their employees and relatives. Testing of spying software is now mandatory as these are based on the sensitive information.  The more a software is tested out, the better it will transform the desired amount of results. Spying software deliver following benefits to all its worldwide users.

  • It allow users to monitor all social media activities
  • Seeing out all incoming and outgoing activities
  • Capture photos remotely
  • Tracking via GPS
  • Observe all activities
  • Can easily access contacts
  • Find out the browser history
  • Spying of text Messages & MMS
  • Monitoring and recording of Emails
  • Track Via GPS
  • Capture photos anytime you want
  • Observe all activities of employees and subordinates

Software quality assurance of spy apps can transform huge amount of benefits in terms of quality management and bugs rectification. Hiring a software testing company can really do the work for the developers of spy software to accomplish optimized level quality in results. Following are the most vital testing artifacts used by the QA teams to establish proficiency in results.

  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Functional Testing

Security test analysis processes have to be carried out in an organized and timely fashion, as the spy software are belongs with the sensitive information of a specific person. A software testing company use a diversified range of security testing and pen testing tools in order to rectify advanced level vulnerabilities and bugs. Consistency in testing will surely deliver the desired amount of performance in results.