QA Tools for Spy Software

The use of spy software is widely improved over the period of time. Now multinationals and large conglomerates around the globe use spy software apps in order to effectively monitor and screening out their employees activities.  Any user of spy software can purchase it from developers and then install it on a particular devices to […]

Test the Security of Your Software & Maintain Performance

Security testing is an essential part of software testing services in order to accomplish desired level operational performance and reliability. If you are the member of a development team, whom is engaged in the development of a software than, it’s your responsibility to make it sure that the security parameters of your software is perfectly […]

Penetration Testing Of Financial Software And Applications

Financial institutions like banks and brokerage house use a verity of different software and applications that help their users to perform different transactions in an efficient and secure way. Penetration testing is a part of quality assurance that helps developers to maintain accuracy in results with optimum performance standards. Penetration testing must be conducted by […]