What Are the Top Five Security Testing Companies?

security-testing-servicesSecurity testing is now an essential and vital testing method, which helps business firms and organizations around the globe to maintain the safety standards of their processes.  Security testing companies play an active role to rectify the security standards of their client’s software, information system or any program. Security testing is also essential for mobile apps so as to retain its quality for a sustainable time interval. You can see the list of top security testing companies below.

Kualitatem:  Kualitatem delivers an in-depth analysis of manual as well as automated security testing. They help their clients to maintain the safety of their software by implementing some advanced class & result oriented security testing tools. Their security experts are well experienced and certified as they apply latest testing tools from HP, IBM, McAfee and Symantec to investigate the safety standard of any information system or program. Kualitatem provides security testing services almost across all the key industry verticals like financial markets, digital media, healthcare, and communication. Their Security testing services include physical security assessment, web application assessment, and mobile security evaluation and social engineering.

Pure Testing: Pure testing ranked second in the list of top security testing companies. Their team of skilled security professionals has required knowledge and information to not only identify but as well as remove vulnerabilities to ensure quality in safety standards. Their testing services are well appreciated worldwide as they have presence in more than ten countries of the world.

Odin Technology: In automation security testing they are the best. Odin Technology has designed some best security quality assurance tools and frameworks which help to analyze any kinds of related bugs and vulnerabilities from a particular information system.  Odin Technology ranked 3rd in the list of top security testing companies worldwide.

Center4Testing: Located in the United Kingdom, Center4Testing is among the best security testing companies in the world. They are involved in the performance of onsite as well as cloud security testing mechanisms for their clients. Because of their low-cost screening, clients love to hire them & that is the reason why they are ranked 4th in the list of top security testing companies.

360Logica: Over the period 360Logica has established as the leading security analysis and testing company. Now they have some worldwide clients for whom they carried out security testing to analyze the security standards of IT infrastructure.  Their security testing executives are well trained and have complete knowledge of safety & vulnerability testing.

It’s obvious from the list that Kualitatem is the best security testing company as they have a worldwide clientele.  They always ensure the quality of an information system by identifying all the security bugs and vulnerabilities from it through the implementation of their result oriented tools.



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