Best Software Testing Tools Used By Developers

Testing of software is an essential process that must be conducted by the software developers to maintain overall performance and yield in software. Software testing tools play an important role to figure it out either software is performing as it should have to be or it required alterations in it. Here is the list of some most advanced and fully featured software testing tools that are widely accepted by the software developers around the world.

Kualitee: This tool is ranked as the world’s number one testing program which has plenty of benefits for the developers regarding getting accurate testing results.  Kualitatem; who is a world’s most advanced software testing company has designed and developed it.  Its user just has to log in and put software on it so as to find out the accuracy of their developed software.  Developers can start their testing project by assigning a role as a test manager, tester, developer or admin tenant.  Kualitee provides a stress-free environment to manage testing lifecycle. Developers can get a laser focus visibility during the testing of their developed software.  Their added control allows you to get more control over your testing and finds accurate results.  Kualitee users will not need to integrate their testing process with other testing frameworks like JIRA.  The best thing about Kualitee is that it allows you to convert your results into Word, PDF, and Excel format.

Spira Test:  This tool is ranked as the second best software testing tool which is aggressively utilized by the developers around the globe.  This tool is considered as the complete testing QA solution. The important feature of this testing tool is that it could be integrated with JIRA as well with unit atomization. It is commercial but not too much expensive.

GEMINI:  The best and the important feature of this software testing tool is that it supports testing and QA in a perfect manner. It also provides the opportunity for different kinds of integrations like project planning and issues tracking. There are also different combinations that are offered by this top quality software testing tool. Overall its ranking is third.

Testuff:  That tool is a fourth most advanced software testing tool that allows developers to run them designed and developed software. It provides an upload video to find out the defects. It supports automation tools like QTP which helps to identify any loophole in software performance.

QMetry: That software is one of the best total test management tools which allow their developers to create requirements. It is a commercial product which provides 30 days trail.  It ranked as the fifth top testing tool.


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