Penetration Testing Of Financial Software And Applications

Financial institutions like banks and brokerage house use a verity of different software and applications that help their users to perform different transactions in an efficient and secure way. Penetration testing is a part of quality assurance that helps developers to maintain accuracy in results with optimum performance standards. Penetration testing must be conducted by the financial and brokerage firms to meet accurate results and standards. It has been recognized that over a period of time any software or app shows the vulnerability that can cause major threats in future. Penetration testing allows clients to maintain security and safety of their desired developed software and applications. Conducting penetration tests on a timely basis will make a particular software or application more efficient and effective and in the result of that, any financial institution could be able to maintain its performance in a better way.

Penetration testing services providers use different mechanisms and tools to evaluate either a particularly designed software and application is performing as it is expected or it requires some adjustments in its settings that surely makes possible for the financial institution to maintain optimum level performance to perform different transactions. As one of the top most leading penetrations testing firm, Kualitatem makes it possible for their financial clients to maintain security and safety standards. Here is the list of some testing measures that are usually adopted by Kualitatem to make it sure that a particularly designed software or app is performing according to standards.

  • Physical security assessment of particularly designed software or application to maintain overall security and efficiency.
  • Security assessment of any particularly designed web application, either its security standards are as high as it was assumed.
  • Mobile security assessment by the testing team to finds out either an application is secure and safe as it is expected.
  • Conducting VOIP test to finds it out either a particular software or application works perfectly while it is tested on different IPs.
  • Implementation of social engineering standards; Kualitatem make it sure that sensitive information about its client’s products and services remains safe and secure.

One thing that financial firms must need to understand is that, penetration testing is an ongoing process that must be conducted by engaging best penetration testing services provider. Kualitatem will surely help you to meet required standards of security that are necessary for your specifically designed software and applications.  You can find more return on investment than you have ever expected in the case of getting quality penetration testing services from Kualitatem.


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