Bugs in UC Browser App! How to Fix These

Millions of smartphone users across the globe use UC browser for fastest downloads and ad free internet surfing. Normally, this advanced browser app perfectly work on all available smartphone devices and platforms but some of the users have to face bugs and vulnerabilities at the time of its installation. It’s the responsibility of the developers […]

QA Tools for Spy Software

The use of spy software is widely improved over the period of time. Now multinationals and large conglomerates around the globe use spy software apps in order to effectively monitor and screening out their employees activities.  Any user of spy software can purchase it from developers and then install it on a particular devices to […]

Test the Security of Your Software & Maintain Performance

Security testing is an essential part of software testing services in order to accomplish desired level operational performance and reliability. If you are the member of a development team, whom is engaged in the development of a software than, it’s your responsibility to make it sure that the security parameters of your software is perfectly […]

What Are the Top Five Security Testing Companies?

Security testing is now an essential and vital testing method, which helps business firms and organizations around the globe to maintain the safety standards of their processes.  Security testing companies play an active role to rectify the security standards of their client’s software, information system or any program. Security testing is also essential for mobile […]