Benefits of Defect Management Tools Used as A Mobile App

Don’t you dream of a defect management tool that lets you do the maximum in just a few minutes?

Every tester seeks for a test management tool that provides smart features to cope with today’s software testing challenges.


Compatibility Testing; All Aspects You Need to Know

While we may understand the problem, it is critical for us to change our thinking, our practices, and continuously evolve to stay ahead of the problems we face. Mike Lyles Is your product deliver the true value for the amount it sells? You might be thinking about the critical factor to evaluate your product’s true […]

Bugs in UC Browser App! How to Fix These

Millions of smartphone users across the globe use UC browser for fastest downloads and ad free internet surfing. Normally, this advanced browser app perfectly work on all available smartphone devices and platforms but some of the users have to face bugs and vulnerabilities at the time of its installation. It’s the responsibility of the developers […]

It’s Necessary to Use Test Management Tools

Test management tools play a decisive role in maintaining the accuracy and reliability in results during the development process. From the past few years, quality assurance has become an important part of any software development firm to sustain accuracy and reliability in results. Test management tools like Kualitee is effective to establish optimized level quality […]